Granny square

i am so so lost how to make a granny square or a circle can you please help me i will be very thankful


I know of three different methods to start, two begin with a chain and the other one begins with a plastic ring, yarn loop (i.e magic circle.) Which method does your pattern use? :think:

Follow [U]this link[/U] to a drawing with instructions on how to begin crochet in the round.


Follow [U]this link[/U] to a video showing the magic circle method used to form a very tight ring and leaving no hole in the middle.

Granny square patterns usually begin with the chain method. Amigurumi patterns usually begin with the magic circle. :thumbsup:

here is a picture of what i started

This lady does a lot of videos on granny squares and other crochet stitches and projects.

Hooked On Needles also has a video on the traditional granny square that might help you. Click HERE for that post. Hope this helps!


Go to She shows you step by step with pictures. That’s how I learned. Good Luck!!

knittergirl16, The video link I included in my post above yours was to Teresa’s (tjw1963) Granny square video. :wink:

Mary Grace, I apologize for not finding and linking to your video. Your page is on my list of top instructional video sources for crochet. :yay:

catlvr, I’m off to visit site you mentioned. I don’t think I have them bookmarked yet. :oo:

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