Granny Square Blanket

I am new to crochet and made my first, very small blanket.
How can I finish the edges so they are more even?
Maybe go around the whole thing with a border? I don’t know why it’s so uneven.
Thank you!

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Wow, what a fabulous first blanket! Beautiful granny squares.
A border is a very nice finishing technique. Some of the uneveness at the edge is because the corners don’t have a companion next to them to counteract the round corner. A border will straighten that out.
Let’s ask more experienced crocheters:

Ah thank you! I’ve really enjoyed doing it. It took me AGES to pick it up though. Always been a knitter!

Your brain is delighted at the new exercise!

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I like the lace border on this site

But there are lots of options available. If you search “border for granny Square blanket” you’ll find lots of options and the decision might depend on what you like and also how you prefer to follow a pattern - written, charted or video.

I think most blankets are finished with a border and it’s not at all that you did anything wrong with your squares .

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Beautifully done. There’s something timeless about a granny square afghan. It’s bright and beautiful. I usually finished projects with sc or dc around the outside edges, working three stitches in the corners. I like the ones Creations linked to. Two hard decisions: What color(s) to use and which edging to choose.

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As others have said, this is completely normal. It’s usual to add some sort of border for that very reason, to even out where the joins are. It can be as simple as a round or two of sc or hdc (remembering to add stitches in the corners!!), or more complex, according to your taste. My personal favorite is a round of sc and then a round of reverse sc (crab stitch).

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First of all Chrisgal, Congratulations on learning a new fiber skill. You did a great job on your blanket. The pointers you’ve already been given are exactly what I would have told you. I’m really impressed with how well you controlled your tension for a first blanket. From here, you can crochet anything you want. Because you are knitter, be sure to take a look at Tunisian crochet patterns. They are fascinating, and often well suited to a lot more than just blankets.


Thank you all for your lovely comments. I did a SC border and it now has lovely straight edges.
I have moved on to another project and I’m going to ask a question about that too in a fresh topic.