Grandson's REACTION to the sweater:

[color=blueviolet]You should have seen Drew with that sweater I knitted. It was SO hilarious. He opened it and slung it over his shoulder and exclaimed “this must be for someone else, it’s not a toy”. WE all cracked up. He said it very nicely and it caused SO much joy that I was thrilled that he said that and didn’t care how LONG it took. LOL.
Hope you are all having a happy holiday,

How typical!! He’ll love grandma’s sweater once the insanity of the day is over! Have a great one!

Susie, that sweater is beautiful!! You did a great job. That sounds like a typical kid’s reaction to clothes on Christmas, handmade by grandma or not!

Merry Christmas!!

[color=darkblue]Ingrid and Margie,
Yah, I loved making it for him. :slight_smile: We had such a fun time.
Hope you both are having a great day.
Margie, thanks for the compliment and Ingrid for the help.

It is a FANTASTIC sweater :smiley:
MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

[color=darkblue]Thanks Rebecca. Hope your day is going great.
I got a great book called the Knitting School and a ball winder besides an embroidery machine and tons of supplies to go with it. YEHA. :slight_smile:

Awesome sweater Susie! :smiley: I love the colors!

[color=darkblue]Thanks Jenelle. :slight_smile: