Grandson's Mario hat

Ever since the blue tutu for my granddaughter,my grandson (4yrs old) has felt a little left out. He asked if Grandma would please make him a red Mario hat…Here is my effort so far…finishing work tomorrow…

Oh, it looks like you knitted the patch? I thought you were using a not so stretchy one. That looks great.

Oh that is cute!! I bet he’ll love it!

I have “Denver Bronco” patches to put on hats for my nephews in Colorado…This was a last minute idea for my grandson. I am still not sure how I will attach it but I think sewn on with white yarn is going to work. The challenging part for me now will be the flap and cutting the plastic to fit…Not sure I will get the time today because I have a lot of prep work for dinner tomorrow with friends!

He is just going to love it. You are doing a terrific job with it.

This is going to be so adorable. You’re grandson will love it I’m sure. I just love the idea that he would ask you to knit a Mario cap.

Here is the finished brim!

Great work! Love the color red!

Wonderful Gramma you are!

lol I love it!