Grandson bragging

I guess it goes along with the territory of being a grandma, but I have to brag on my 8 year old grandson, Thomas.

A few weeks ago right before the presidential race, Thomas ran for a student council sergeant at arms seat. He is his 3rd grade class president and as such is a member of student council. He wrote his campaign speech entirely by himself and his mom helped him put it on Utube so his friends and family could see it. (link to utube below)

Well, Wall Street Journal saw it and wrote an article about him and other kids running for office and here is that link:

It just seemed to steamroll and Good Morning America Weekend called and they flew him and his parents to New York City to be on their Saturday show and here is the link to it:

Then last week he was on our local news and this morning, there is an article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal about him:

He takes it all in stride. I think he finds it amusing that people are so interested in him.

That is awesome, good for him! You have every right to brag :slight_smile: Congrats to your family!

Wow- that is awesome! I bet he’s the talk of his school!

He’ll never forget it!

:thumbsup: Way to go Thomas. :slight_smile:

Way to go!!! Future U.S. President maybe :wink: