Grandpa knit a baby hat

I taught my DH to knit Nov. of 2006 and he knit over 20 hats that winter. He hasn’t knit a thing since then, until this. Everything he has knit has been his own design.

I have to say that he didn’t start this to be a baby hat. He cast on 96 stitches and this is worsted, so should have fit an adult, but he knit it so tight it will be for the new DGD. :lol: It didn’t take him very long to realize it was going to be a baby hat, and it’s a girl baby at that. :wink: I’m not sure how this will fit into her wardrobe of pinks and whites, and pastels of all sorts, but I know our daughter will be happy to have a grandpa made hat for her little girl.

It’s made of Patons Classic Merino.

How lovely:inlove:

That’s a very good looking hat.

That is the cutest hat! :slight_smile: Great design!

That is soooo cute!!

That is awesome! What a cute hat, too!

He did a great job - very talented guy!

That’s a great hat!

Boy, your DH is quite an artist!

Wow! That is a great job! I am sure your daughter is going to treat this hat as the treasure it is. Imagine Grampa knitting his new DGD a hat! How very special for the new little angel…

oh it’s soooo adorable! See, now you have to shop for a matching outfit! Too cute!

Terrific looking hat. Make her some cute fall colored stuff to go with! My dh has no interest in knitting. He will sit and play Risk UGH for hours though! lol

a keepsake once she outgrows it.:heart:

I love the hat, such great colors and knitting! Go Grandpa!! :cheering:

:heart: I love it-it’s beautiful!! the colors are great, and so is the cute shaping! well done :thumbsup:

It’s so cool that he knits, and to make things for his precious grand baby is even better. Love the colors of the hat, often wonder if the little ones get tired of pastels all the time.

That’s awesome! That hat is sooo adorable!

What a great job Grandad! It is a lovely looking hat :slight_smile:

He did a great job…and your daughter is going to love that…so will your dgd as she gets older…My dad made several wood furniture pieces for my daughter and now she knows he made those for her…tells everyone “my Yogi made that for me” :heart:

You must be a wonderful teacher because your husband did a great job on creating the hat. :cheering: