Grandkids' Christmas Slippers

I made these all this week, while my DH was away. They are from an old pattern brochure put out by Phentex. I think the pattern has been discussed here quite a bit. I like selecting colors and seeing things come to life. The littles really LOVE getting things knit by Grandma. P.S. The kids are ages 5, 3, and 2.

Those are beautiful! :yay:

Great colors! I am sure your grandkids will enjoy!

That’s a link to the pattern

So cute! I love the colors you chose.

what nice bright colours for little kids

These are the cutest kid’s slippers I’ve ever seen! Way to go, Gramma!

Those are so cute! And congratulations on the new grandbaby!!!

Awww. They’re wonderful! Isn’t it fun to make things for those who truly love getting them?

Your color selections are fantastic. I wish I was getting a pair too…:teehee:

Those are so cute :heart: