Granddaughter's Cable Knit Sweater

I knitted this sweater for my granddaughter, Bailey who is 22 months.
I used Rowan’s Wool and Cotton yarn and it is a Sidar pattern.


:inlove: That is gorgeous!!

What a wonderful job you did. It’s really beautiful. Talented knitting.

Amazing, very pretty, and I love the heart buttons! :heart:

Beautiful job!

Beautiful sweater beautifully made!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Thank you Jan! It has been awhile since I have been on here with any regularity! New grandson (number 5 grandchild!), visited daughter in Japan, increase in work…

So, I want to thank you and the others here for all the help you guys have given me! When I first started here I was a brand new knitter (about 4 yrs ago, I guess) and if I could have seen into the future, that someday I would be able to make this sweater, I would have said "you’ re kidding me!, lol!

But will all the help, lots of practice and frogging, I did it!

Thank you!:muah:


Thank you!

Congrats on your new grandson! His he your first? When was he born?
We have 5 grandchildren, 2 girls and now 3 boys. My oldest turned 14 on Tuesday and my youngest turned 8 weeks on the same day!
Ryan Jeffrey was born on September 1st!


Thank you! I found the heart buttons in a new LYS and knew immediately that they were the ones! ( I had already bought 2 other sets for it while I was knitting it,lol!)


Thank you!


Very neat and tidy work!!!:inlove:

It turned out gorgeous!!! Congrats on the new grandson too!!

That is gorgous! What a lucky granddaughter!

Well if that isn’t the sweetest little cardi!

A grown-up design in a miniature size! :heart: LOVE IT!!! :heart:

It is absolutely beautiful!

That’s os superbb

Love that lil’ sweater! :inlove:

Oh my gosh! That is a GORGEOUS sweater!!! You did a terrific job!