Gramma's red socks

These are some socks that I knitted last week. I decided to venture out into something besides ribbing, so I added some cables. :knitting:

Sorry for the blurry pictures. I am my mother’s care-taker and when I gave these to her she promtly put them on and now refuses to take them off! She had a stroke a few years ago and she has dementia. I’m gonna have to try and take them off when she’s sleeping pretty soon so I can wash them!

She could not figure out why the heck I was taking pictures of her feet!

luv, sue

Oh what a sweetheart you are! I love GrandMama’s red socks!

I love them, too! You’re doing an amazing job. I know it can be so hard - my great-grandpa (94 years old) is living with my family now, and mom is the primary caregiver. I am here away at college but I see how it is when I’m home for breaks and summer. It’s a big job but takes a very special person to do it - and knit her socks on the side!

Rock on :smiley:

Those are fantastic socks. I love them. I think it is wonderful that she loves them so much. You made her day (or possibly her week)! Isn`t that a special feeling… Great job!

Nice socks! I’m so glad she likes them so much…

They’re just wonderful! I’m sure she just loved them. I’m sure no one can understand how hard it is for you to care for your mom, but I know how it can be to have a family member have a mind altering disease so I’m sending you mental hugs.

That so great of you to make your mom the socks :hug: They look great :thumbsup:

:happydance: They Look Great!!

Oooh, they are beautiful and so warm and fuzzy looking-I can see why she doesn’t want to take them off! What a lovely gift! And you are a very special person to be there for your Mom when she needs you~ :hug:

That is so sweet!! Great socks!

Wonderful socks!

Bless her heart. You are going to have to whip up another pair in another color so she can have something new and be willing to let you wash the red ones.

Bless you for taking such good care of your mom–and even making her pretty red socks!!

Wow! Thank you for all the nice replies! She does really love her red socks.
I really like knitting socks, now that I know how and whoever said I should knit up another pair so I can wash those red ones, thats a great idea! Maybe this time I’ll find a nice slipper pattern for her.
By the way; my mother is the one who taught me to knit a long time ago. But it was such a long time ago and by the time I started again I only remembered the bare basics, the rest I learned from the talented knitters HERE! And from Silver’s Sock Class.
THANK YOU! :muah: