Morning all… evening to some…

I found this awesome hat and scarf pattern after visiting a knit store with samples all around… Needless to say this was NOT the reason I went into the store, but walked out with the book and NOT what I went in for.
The pattern has a great rim with black metal beads, very sweet.
My question is for the scarf, they do half the scarf, then the other half is done separate and grafted together, Why?

Why not do the entire scarf and do the beading section backwards,

Any good instruction places for grafting?

And my other question is this book has several different ways to case on. Was nice to see different ones, but want to know the reason for them. Why would you make a temporary cast on.
I like the long tail… but read somewhere that that is a purl row when done. THis hat uses a different one… assuming its for bead placement.

Any other non winter patterns for items with beading

The scarf probably has a pattern that isn’t reversible, so by starting at both ends and working toward the middle the pattern is the same on both. Or start at the middle and work toward the ends That’s the reason for a temporary or ‘provisional’ cast on. You take out the CO and can pick up stitches to knit the other direction, or if you start at the end, you take it out and add a border.

A long tail CO doesn’t really ‘knit’ a row, it’s just a cast on. Some people are bothered by the bumps it creates, some are not.

The video here is towards the bottom of the page showing the Kitchner Stitch AKA Grafting.

However, if you do not knit Continental or English style, you will have to watch the section on Combined Knitting so that your stitches are oriented properly for the graft to look right.

The cast on end often doesn’t match the bind off perfectly. Most of the time it doesn’t matter, but in some designs it does so you do do a provisional cast on and knit one half. Then put the cast on stitches back on the needles and do the other half. Grafting two halves would serve the same purpose. It’s just a different way of doing it.