[color=blue]Good Morning all! Is there a place on the web that demonstrates grafting. I have the weekend to myself (DAH is going away for a couple days) and I want to make up bubby bear for my :heart: grandson :XX: Thanks so much!
southern maine

Grafting is usually just another way of saying Kitchener Stitch.

[color=blue]The link… it takes me to a pretty little picture of a camera lol. I will go through the technique screens and find it… thanks so much Ingrid! :smiley: [/color]

It’s under “Bssic Techniques” …‘and more’…scroll along and u will see it :wink:

[color=blue]Found it! Thank you Rebecca… what a great video! Thanks Amy! :cheering: Can’t wait to get started on Bubby. :XX: [/color]

You’re welcome :smiley: What is Bubby…I’ve missed out AGAIN!!..LOL which is not unusual

[color=blue]Here he is… and sooo cute… :smiley:[/color]

:shifty: Uh, I was just testing you! :wink:

Did I Pass? Did I hmmm? lol… :roflhard:

With flying colors! :wink:

Bubby is so cute…I saw him on Knitty, but didn’t catch the name :wink: