Hi, I was wondering if somebody could help me out. I am making a sweater and I’m at the point where I have to graft two parts together. The sweater is stockinette stitch for the first part…I had to knit in ss for about 6 inches and the pattern had me end with a purl row on the right side. Next I had to make a panel of seed stitch but done side to side. So now I have the bottom part of the sweater with live stitches and a panel with no live stitches. Should I pick up and make live stitches on the seed stitch panel and then graft the two pieces together? From the picture of the finished sweater it appears as though there should be a ridge showing through on the right side. I am not trying to make an invisible seam. Any help much appreciated!

You mean you want a ridge where you grafted the stitches together? If so, you could graft from the wrong side of the work, and you’d get that.

Many thanks ContiKnitter! Would I still have to pick up stitches on the seed stitch panel?

Do what the instructions say, just graft the stitches from the wrong side to create a ridge.