Grafting the toe of a sock

I just grafted the toe of my first sock, a practice sock, and it looks wonky. Should you do it inside out or did I just do a messy job? There is a little devil horn sticking out of the corner where I began the grafting.

Is that the best way to finish a sock toe or do you have another way you like?

Have you watched Amy’s video on how to do kitchener stitch?? It really helped me to visualize the proper way rather than just reading the instructions. Maybe it’s just because it was your first time that it’s a bit wonky because it really is a nice way to finish off a sock.

well, I had the same problem with the grafting when I did it the other night. I’m sure if you watched the video here and did it again, it’d get easier everytime. I suggest tugging on the yarn a little everytime you move onto the next repeat (ie, after one set of k,p,p,k slipping) and check it to make sure it mimics the surrounding stitches’ size. When you graft, you always do it on the outside, not the inside. But when you are doing another technique other than the kitchener stitch, it’s different. The mattress stitch is also on the outside, but it’s for side seams and it actually includes a seam allowance.

When I did the kitchener stitch I was reading from Stitch n Bitch… It was sooo confusing to me and I watched the video here and it was so clear to me. I just had to watch it over and over until I got it and then I went and finished it up.

I was reading from the sock tutorial by Silver. Maybe a video would be more helpful, and I’ll definitely practice a bit before making another sock.

I don’t know if this is on any of the tutorials, but before you do any grafting…hmmm…let me try and think this out…lol…one of those things thta I just “do”…lol…

you have all the stitches now on 2 needles
with the front needle, the stitches second from the end…pass those over the stitch first from the end. You will be doing this 4 times. 2x on the front needle, and then turn it around, and 2 times on the back needle.

then you can begin your grafting.

PLEASE ask questions, cuz more often than not I am not clear. I was told those are “donkey ears”…lol…