Grafting shoulders of a tank top

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a pattern for a tank top, and I am ready to join my shoulders.

My instructions read as follows: “Turn shell inside out. Using 2 straight needles, place sts for back shoulders on 1 needle and sts for front shoulders on 2nd needle, with points heading in the same direction. Using #6 needle, knit the pieces together by knitting into the first st of the 1st needle together with the first st of the 2nd needle. Bind off while knitting in this manner until all sts for one shoulder are bound off. Bind off the second shoulder in the same manner.”

OK, I’m confused. :slight_smile:

So basically at this point I’ve got a left shoulder and a right shoulder for both the front and back of this tank/shell. If I turn the work inside out so that the wrong side is facing me, I will have the purl side to me, and actually both sets of shoulders front and back have ended with me purling back across as I am no longer knitting in the round here. Here are my questions:

  1. If I’ve turned the work inside out and the purl row is facing me, is the knit stitch OK at this point or would I have a weird ridge when I turn the piece inside out on the right side?

  2. Which needle is in front - the one with the front stitches or the back stitches?

  3. OK, should I think of this as if I’m knitting two stitches together, only they happen to be on two separate needles?

  4. So I knit into the first sts of the first and second needles, I presume I knit into the second sts of the first and second needles next… Do I bind off at this point placing the first stitch I knit over the second stitch?

Somehow grafting toes seemed much simpler than these instructions. LOL

That’s called a 3 Needle Bind Off. Don’t know why they don’t say that. It’s a nice and often used bind off for shoulders.

The video is at the bottom of this page.

Thanks, Jan. There are lots of things within this pattern that I’ve wondered “Why didn’t you just write this instead?” Oh well, it’s been an adventure I’ll say that. :slight_smile:

Some people are better at expressing what they mean than others…