Grafting in garter stitch?

I have only been knitting for 1 year now. I don’t get alot of time to knit. But I love knitting! I took classes and now I am signing up for a class that teaches you how to see and find your mistakes and correct them as well.
I have made 3 dishcloths
1 shrug
1 pair of Bubba Bed Socks
1 sock…still working on the other one
1 felted clog…still working on the other one
1 felted purse…still working on it
1 shrug…yes you got it still working on it too!
I haven’t done any fancy stitches yet, just the basic garter ,stockinette . I have gotten book after book on knitting and I have 2 dvd’s on making socks. I love my book’s but I am truely a visually person. Once I see it then the book makes perfect sense to me…duh!
does anyone have a link to a video clip on doing the ’ Grafting in garter stitch '?
I have knitted my felted purse and I’m done with the straps , but now I have to graft them onto the purse(10live sts, to 10 on needle) I have read the books and I still just don’t get it.I mean I get it but I’m very nervous to try it. I’m sure I’m not getting it right. I need to see it being done (this is the grafting clip)

I can do it now!