Grafting in garter stitch

I have a grafting / kitchener stitch question(s).

I am working in garter stitch and would like to graft my two pieces together. Do I do it the same as a stocking knit grafting? Do I need to be concerned with wrong and right side of the piece?

Any thoughts and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Do you mean seaming, like up the sides of a sweater? If so here’s a few links that might help. Info is at the end of the articles.

Knitty- seaming garter

This one actually has info on grafting garter stitch if that IS what you mean.
Comment on grafting garter stitch

Thank you! The second link is exactly what I was looking for.

I am knitting a purse to be felted. I have knitted the straps and I need to graft the straps to the purse. I have 10 live stitches and 10 on the needle. I have to use a [COLOR=#d11010]Grafting in garter stitch [/COLOR][COLOR=black]to attach the stitches. I have read how to do it. But I need a video clip to watch,cuz I’m just not getting it:hair:Can anyone give me a link to one ,or is there one here??? I coudn’t find it. I know when I finally do this ,I’m going to think “wow , that was easy”[/COLOR]

I had to do this recently and instead of following instructions that are meaningless to me in terms of what each stitch I make is actually doing (and end up not quite working), I found it much better to put the rows on waste wool and duplicate-stitch the extra row. Remember one row needs to be a purl and one a knit row, looking from the same side.


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