Grafting a scarf to turn into an Infinity scarf…

Hi there. I set myself a little challenge the other day and now I need to ask a question.
I am making a scarf with a leaf pattern with a 24 row repeat. I intend to graft the top and bottom together from my provisional cast on “live” stitches. My question is: Do I do knit all 24 rows of the pattern or just knit 23 rows to prepare for the grafting? Normally, I would knit all 24 rows then bind off if doing just the scarf. Help, please!

Grafting is going to add another row between the joined rows. If your lace pattern has a purl row across the back, that would be a possible row to skip figuring that the graft will take its place.

This would be a good thing to work out on a small swatch just to make sure.

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