Graft With Cast On Stitch

My circular shawl pattern instructs me to graft the border stitches together with cast-on stitches. I have no idea what this means. Does anyone know how to graft the live stitches from the end of the border to the (provisionally cast-on) stitches from the beginning of the border?

Usually, grafting live stitches is done by Kitchener stitch. You can find video if you scroll down on this page.

since you did a provisional cast on, you can ‘undo’ the cast on which will give you live stitches on that edge. These live stitches need to be put onto a needle and then you can graft them with your other live stitches using kitchener stitch.

So, is there no way to make the lace (chevrons, eyelets, etc.) match up? Thanks for your replies…

Is there any way to make the lace match up? I tried kitchener stitch, but the chevrons, eyelets, etc. aren’t matching up.

Kitchener stitch assumes that you’re doing stockinette stitch. The needle therefore takes the yarn where it would need to go in order to follow a st st pattern. In order to graft in pattern in something other than st st, you’d have to figure out where the yarn would go in pattern and run the needle that way.

What does the first and last rows of the border look like?

i’d have to see the pattern to see what you meen by ‘match up’