Graffiti knitting

Ok, Houston folks are crazy. I actually saw this in real life on my lunch break today: article here

Wierd stuff…
What exactly did you see?

thats so cool! what DID you see :shock:

<giggle> Look at the link to the blog! The picture of the “dog” is hilarious.

The location says it all “Montrose.” I love visiting there.


Gives me an idea for Boston… that statue of Michael Curley could use a hat for the winter… :roflhard:

I saw a, um, lightpost cozy. Bright pink. On a bridge over the freeway. :smiley:

Candace, I work in the Montrose neighborhood. Are you in Houston too?

I wish! heh. I live in Victoria. But shop in Houston, and use Drs there, and my family is all there. So I visit at least once a month. I go to “Yarns 2 Ewe”, its the only shop Ive been to in Houston. Where do you go?


i think it is brilliant! Imagine being a store owner coming in to find that someone has knitted a cozy for their door handle over night…heh

i suppose we are the only ones who would find this in the spirit of “random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty” huh?

That’s so fun! Thanks for sharing, Mer :slight_smile:

I was just glad that I had read the article and knew what it was! I was driving and probably would have missed it if I hadn’t known what I was looking at. I wonder if it’s still there? :thinking: Do people take those things? I wonder what you’d do with it?

Candace, I have been to Yarns 2 Ewe most–I think they have the best selection in Houston. Nancy’s Knits (Braeswood and Chimney Rock, I think?) has a lot but her shop is kind of crowded and dark. Pretty good prices though. I’ve also been to Mary Charles Yarn (where I was coming back from when I saw the lightpole!) and Nimblefingers, which have moderate amounts of yarn, mostly pricey ones. Now I just need to venture out to the yarn stores in the suburbs…

awesome. just awesome…

That is such a neat idea! And I love there tagging names :roflhard:

I think the idea of this is fantastic but I’m uncomfortable with the whole “gang lexicon.” Especially the reference to “N**** please.” Here in Portland, folks put hats on statues and decorate theri cars and all kinds of funky stuff. Never thought of knitting my own anntena cozies. Great way to get rid of swatches. I’m going to be looking at my neighborhood doorhandles and signposts with a whole new eye :thumbsup:

It was still there when I left work today, and I saw another on a street sign. I’ll have to keep my eyes open!

[size=2]Feministmama, that’s a good point…I missed most of that. :doh:[/size]

Thanks for the heads up Mer. Me and some girlfriends are “goin to the city” next weekend. Dh is going to chauffer us and we may be tryin out a new yarn shop. I love going to Austin, “Hill Country Weavers” have you been there? Are any of the shops in Houston like it?


No, I haven’t been to Hill Country Weavers yet. I’ve heard good things about it though–I’ll have to go sometime! Have fun at the yarn shops next weekend! :smiley: