Graduation day :D (knitting related yes)

Wahaa! I feel like I’m now an official knitter. I’m making my first pair of socks!!! :cheering: Which is to say, my first garment that isnt a scarf!

I’m really excited. I’m using knitty’s Sox on 2 Stix pattern, because I don’t have dpns or circs, and I can’t get into town to acquire them either. But uhm yeah, I cast-on and now I’m waiting till a decent hour when Mum is out of the house (it’s 3:28 AM where I am right now) to sneak into her sewing box and grab some thread. So I havent really actually done anything more than I would have had I cast-on for a scarf thus far, but I feel special because I know this bit of knitting isnt going to be a scarf, it’s going to be socks!

But uhm yeah, I’ve begun graduation into the world of an actual knitter. I also created my very own knitting blog to keep track of all projects, starting with these socks. I’m really excited lol. :woot: xxx :woohoo: :eyes: :rofl: (that’s enough emotes to last a lifetime lol)

Great stuff! :cheering: Will you post a pic when you’re done?

Why of course! Because I’m modifying the pattern to resemble Japanese Kogyaru “Loose Socks” which are very cute and trendy (in Japan they are at least :P). I’ll be modelling them proudly. . . if it works of course. If they go horribly wrong, well. . . I’ll frog em and do it again! :roflhard: :doh: