Gradient yarn?

I’m looking for a yarn that produces an effect like this:

Does anyone make such a yarn?

A gradient. That would be so pretty!

Mary Maxim has this:

and Joann’s has this:

great! I work at JoAnn, and I haven’t seen this type before!
The prices are a bit high, but, I’ll see what I can do.
Perfect, though. Thanks for posting this.

I’ve noticed Joann’s web prices seem a bit higher than in the store. But with 40% off coupons and if you get a discount, that should bring the price down a lot. And those skeins are huge, 850 yards. A lot of good yarns are about the same price and have only 100-150 yds in them.

I went to my JoAnn store, and bought some Sensations Rainbow Boucle, (pronounced boo-klay)
this morning. Just what I wanted, too, a gradient colored yarn.

They had it on sale at 2 dollars off, of the 8.99 price, plus my 15% discount, I only paid 5.95 per skein. The skeins are huge, 11 ounces!


I just bought some of that Rainbow boucle as well in purple, I have alot of trouble working with it. I can’t see the separate stiches on the needle. I will eventually figure out something to use it for, maybe double strand it with some less fluffy.

Try using larger needles, like a size 10.5 or 11.