Government recalls

I subscribe to for emails of recalls, from toys to food. I really like receiving these, especially with the lead paint stuff that exploded just before Christmas…

However, I’ve received a few lately that crack me right up. Especially the ones that are talking about recalls for candles because they are flammable.

ya think?

Those flammable candles crack me up, too! I get those emails too, and some of them are just… wth?! :slight_smile:

:shrug: I dunno, but I don’t expect the OUTER portion of my candle to ignite! I mean, you’re trying to have a controlled flame for ambiance, not set the whole thing alight like firecracker!

However, there are a lot of WARNING labels that do indeed make me giggle. :wink:

LMAO, when my DH had his vasectomy he was asked to sign a legal paper stating that he KNEW having this operation might cause sterility! That is the best one I have ever heard. Duh… why else would a man have a vasectomy???

:roflhard: :chair:

Funny warning labels


Those made me way too giddy for this time of night…!! Now I have to get serious and make a sock? Out of 100% yarn!?! heheh…thanks!

That was my favourite too, contains 100% yarn! Well duhhhhhhhhh… But then there was this vivid picture I had in my head… rush hour, some major highway and lots of people running along pushing their wheelbarrows to work??? OMG, too funny! OK, so I had two favs.

Or what about someone trying to insert the curling iron, oh never mind, it’s just too painful to think about.

:roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard:

These are way to funny even in the morning hours. I read them and thought my goodness someone had to have used this the wrong way. A great big duh:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::passedout: