Gotta love income tax refunds

Dear ol hubby came home today with a new portable dvd player for himself. Since the guilties had set in, he said I could spend equal amounts of $$. You can guess where it’s going.:mrgreen:

What would you buy as a newbie knitter? I have about a 100 bucks to spend.
I thought about the KP Options and maybe some dpn’s? I only have 5’s and 10.5’s in those. What are the other more common sizes I might need? I already have a 10.5 in 24" circ’s but it would be nice to have another pair.
I read the poll above and these seem to be the most popular?

Help me spend my money!:cheering:

OMG I just read this to DH. With my tax refund, I bought him a $700 HDTV flat panel…he said I’m not allowed to spend $700 on yarn. Pooey.

I think you should spend $200 and then tell him you feel bad and he should go buy $100 worth of DVDs. :slight_smile:

I think Options and DPNs are a good choice.
So far I don’t have much need for long cables so Options isn’t an option for me, but if they had an interchangeable 16" cable it would be.

So far the smallest DPN I have is #3 and it is borderline frustration working with them. And I want heavy socks so I don’t need to go smaller (yet).
I’d want all of them 4-10. I’m a bit OCD so I’d probably just get all of them (including the small ones I’d never use).

Dang, can you imagine?cloud9 I think you should at least get half of the 700 for yarn. :wink:

It depends on what you want to make. If you are into socks and sock yarn then 0-3 dpns or circulars will be useful. If you’re more into sweaters and bulkier items then the larger sizes will come in handier.

It is YOUR tax refund and you bought HIM at TV and he is telling you that you can’t spend YOUR tax refund on yarn. And what is this “allowed” stuff? Sorry, but the day my hubby tells me I can’t do something is the day I go and do it twice and then something else for good measure :roflhard:


My logic when buying yarn is that, sooner or later, someone is going to wear or be covered, or stand on what I knit. So I buy what I want, and my loving DH never says anything about it, he says he likes looking over at me when I’m knitting away at something.

If I had 100 dollars to spend on knitting I would buy Addi needles in 32 inch length and I would buy size2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11 and at about $16.00 a pair plus tax, I would then buy a latte at Starbuck’s and sit and knit with my new expensive needles!
Have fun spending it Kelly!

This year, in a very RARE surprise, I actually did get a very nice return (gotta love that mortgage interest, taxes and firemen’s credit). Most went straight into the savings but I did allow myself a bit of a splurge on

According to the UPS tracking number, when I get home tonight there should be two boxes of Brown sheep cotton fleece in every color I could manage waiting on my door step:cheering:

I think you will LOVE your options. I am a tad bit dissappointed over some of the quality issues I have had but they have been very good about replacing the couple borken cables I have had.

As a newbie, I think I would go with the Options (or Harmonies) set too. As far as DPNs, if you learn and like Magic Loop all you would need is 32" or 40" cables with your Options tips. They also have the smaller sizes (0-3) in fixed lengths pretty inexpensive. I just love knowing I have what size I need. So the only needles I need ever buy again are ones I just want … like Harmonies! LOL

When I thought back on what we spent it on, I ended up spending around $230 on yarn and accessories. More than I wanted to, considering we have baby stuff to buy still…but he has a return coming as well. I ended up getting 4 balls of Bernat Softee Baby to make a blanket (only needed 3), 2 of SWS, and 5 of Bernat Satin to make another blanket, 4 balls of various sock yarns, and then the big purchase…a set of Options, a few fixed needles in smaller sizes to ML socks and a pattern book from Knit Picks.

Take the TV back. Buy yarn!

I would buy some more addis, some PureWool and Malabrigo.

Thanks everyone. I will look at the addi’s too. I have never heard of them.

Jen, considering I have 2 starbucks in my town of 5000, I might just take the time to sit and knit away from kids.:wink:

I’d go with buying needle sizes that correspond with the yarn you’re going to buy. If you can, buy the yarn and then do a couple fauge swatches in the LYS before you buy the needles.