Got this book!

Hey all, I got this book and I’m really excited about it.

The cool thing is I have a baby blanket my mom’s friend knitted for me in the exact pattern that is on the front!!! So I think I want to knit an adult size in that pattern, in the same awful colors used for the baby blanket, so I’ll have a big one and little one.

Good for you! The stitch on the cover looks very nice. :happydance: :thumbsup:

:cheering: I love that book… I had to borrow it from the library though… the price is coming down on it … when I looked they were like 80 some dollars or higher… :rofl:

pretty stitch pattern! you should share those FO’s…hmmm :figureditout: off to add book to my wish list! :cheering:

Congrats. I borrowed that from the library. I hope they bring it out again cause it really is a very nice book with great patterns.

I’d love to see that book in person. Wish it wasn’t so expensive just to add to my collection. :teehee:

Ok, I got it for $29.95 so really $30. on You can often find out of print books for REALLY cheap there.

I get stuff from that site all the time. Basically all kinds of used bookstores from all over the country put their inventory on abebooks. Then if somone in CA wants it, you can put the order in and they’ll ship it to you.

Cheapest they have it now is $58, but it’s still $11 cheaper than Amazon

I covet that book. I borrowed it from the library, but I had to give it back before I got to knit from it. :pout: