Got some bamboo...what to make?

So I’m in WY on vacation. Somewhere around Las Vegas and at around 2 am I realized that I left the rest of my Wick yarn at home…so I couldn’t finish my DD’s Short Snort.

I did manage to find one teeeny tiny craft store that had some yarn. I was a little skeptical when the first thing I saw was Sugar n’ Cream. They had some patons and a couple other OK yarns. Then I found this bin under the table that had Bamboo yarn. It was $13.50, I don’t know if that is low or high or average but I HAD to have it. Having never worked with it before and leaving my precious Wick at home.

Luckily DH couldn’t stand it much more and waiting in the car before he saw me buy two skeins.

So now…what shall I make? I’ve been wanting to make Branching out…do you think this will work for it?

I think that it would be great for Branching Out!
I’m currently knitting another leafy lace scarf with SWTC bamboo in the parrot colorway.
13.50 is the going rate, by the way.

I agree it’d be great for branching out!

Branching out it is then :slight_smile: I’m using the Drake colorway.

Can’t wait to see it!