Got My Taxes done, Yay!

Well I went and signed me tax return at lunchtime today. I am getting about 800 back from Uncle Sam. :thumbsup: Yahoo! That will pay a major chunk of my only credit card bill. I know it’s BAD to do that, but I feel that I NEED to pay that bill off before anything else. It’s more important to me to be without the debt … I will use the OTHER $600 refund for something else, like a nice leather chair or something.

PS a good chunk of my credit card is unexpected truck repair bills … I just feel like I have to explain that … I don’t have a yarn spending problem! teehee:aww:

Paying off your credit card is good–not bad!


Congrats to you … I will complain although I shouldn’t…I sat down to do our taxes last weekend and when we got married my # of deductions was automatically changed at work - no big deal last year so I left it alone, but this year we OWE !!! I keep tyring to tell myself that means that I didn’t give uncle sam an interest free loan for the year, but shoot, I liked getting refunds.