Got my Ravelry Invite!

I’m on it right now, looking around. The amount of stuff on there is intimidating! I think I won’t be bored at work today!


:slight_smile: So how many people are there all in or lined up? I asked on the other thread I started as I was stunned at 30,000 but think it would have to be more now.

And what has really given you goose bumps of excitement?!

I haven’t looked at everything yet but the thing I like best so far is being able to organize all my yarn! I wish I were at home so I could go through it and put it all in. It gives you projects for all the yarn you have.

I like the fact you can look up a yarn, and see all the projects that can be made with it. That’s half my problem, I buy yarn just because I like it but have no idea what to do with it. For example, I looked up Noro Kureyon and there are 1,138 projects for it! If I even liked half of them well wow! For Lambs Pride Worsted there are 887 projects.

You can enter all the projects you are working on, and it enters the yarn details for you, as long as it is entered in their system already.

I just started looking around so I’m sure there is so much more to it but I think it’s fun so far!

Good for you :slight_smile: Everyone has been talking about that feature in being able to look up ‘same yarn’ projects. Great idea. Cute av you have of the huggy kitty btw.

Yay! I got my invite today too! :yay: What is your username? Mine is kssunflower … Ihavent even set up my Flickr account yet! Better get started…

Man I still have a long ways to go…:sad:
There are 6127 people ahead of me BUT
there are 9082 people behind me

mine is the same as on here, spectorkitty. I haven’t set up Flickr yet either, I’m at work.

oh and thanks Susan, I love it, I think it’s so cute.

2086 people ahead of me. sigh congrats to you though.