Got my Options!

And they be pretty! I canna remember who kept telling me to use the no-stick stuff for kitchen cabinets (?) to secure the cable onto the needle but could that person give me a bit more info, so I can buy some of that stuff at a hardware stuff? ty.


That would be me. It’s this kind of stuff in the first row and you can get it almost anywhere shelf liners are sold. Just get the cheap stuff. People use it under their dishes in the cabinet. You still use the ‘key’ they gave you, but this gives you a better grip on the needle for tightening and loosening. Don’t over tighten.

Mine are cut about 3" square. Occasionally you’ll need a new square of it because it does loose some of it’s grip after awhile so it’s good to have a roll of it. I also gave away a bunch of squares at my knit night after they saw it. :lol:

Go through the needles and cables and make sure they all screw on properly. If you find something let KP know about it and they’ll send you a replacement…or they’ll send it to the BF actually since he’s US and that’s the address on record.

Sue, I can see the rubber band in a pinch, but don’t you have to wrap it around a few times? The liner seems faster… :think:

I use the rubberbands that hold broccoli bunches together instead of the jar grips. They work just as well.

Thanks, dudes!

I get the shelf liner at $$ tree…they always have it and it’s handy for all kinds of things

Let us know how you like your new toys! Make sure you use them the next time you work with the stiffer cottons (dishcloth)…it will make you very happy!:thumbsup: