Got my KP Options interchangeable needle!

I ordered a cable & one set of tips to try the Options, while I decide if they’re the interchangeable set I want to order. Got it Friday, but only found time to use it yesterday & today.

Overall, I love it!
The tips are really nice & pointy (keep forgetting not to push the needle with my fingertip…ouch!). The tip length is comfortable, the cable is really flexible and doesn’t curl up while in use (I usually have to straighten my circs). The joins are great so far - the real test for me will be making 2 socks at once using ML, as I pull the yarn really tight on the last st to avoid ladders.

I’m extremely aware & worried about some people’s problem with the cable coming out of the metal join, so I’m consciously trying not to yank on it and hopeful quality control has improved.

Only issue I have is the tips unscrewing. What’s the point of the KP special ‘key thing’, if it doesn’t help?! It doesn’t tighten the tips like I expected it to, it’s basically just a handle to improve your grip on the join while screwing in the tip.
I even watched their little video about using it, but had to re-tighten them numerous times while working back & forth on 44sts for a couple inches. Fortunately I have a piece of that ‘rubbery’ shelf-liner that Jan recommended to tighten the tip with, and they’re not unscrewing quite so much. If this doesn’t continue to drive me nuts over the next week or so, I will order the whole set and would recommend them.

Also try cleaning off the screws and cap with some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. It’s also been mentioned to try using a little tiny dab of orthodontic braces wax on my Hiya Hiyas, so you might try that on the KPs as well.

I’ve never had mine unscrew since I started using the grippy shelf liner thingy. Do it tightly by holding the needle in your right hand and the join in your left hand with the pin. I also use it to help me loosen them when I’m ready to change or put them away. Occasionally you have to get a new piece of grippy liner. I have a bunch of them and have given many away.

I’ve had the cable come loose a couple times and my DH fixes them with a teeny chunk of hot glue. Super glue would probably work, too. If you have the problem and want to fix it just be careful not to get any on the cable or join that might snag the yarn. KP is very good about immediately sending out a replacement, too.

{knocking on wood as I type this}

I have had my options for a few years and never had a problem. Nothing has come unglued (except one set of Harmonies which I super glued back very easily) and nothing has broken. They have come unscrewed once or twice, but since I was aware of it before any disaster, no big deal.

I really wish Knitpicks had these when I first started knitting - I could have saved a bundle on all the other needles that are lying idly by in a cabinet in the corner.

Good luck with yours.

I just received my new Harmonies Interchangeables and I wish I had bought them sooner. I didn’t realize how bad my other needles felt in my hand until I started using the KPs. I use the key to tighten the tips and haven’t had a problem with them coming loose. I was surprised with the quick delivery time, placed the order on a Wednesday and they arrived on a Friday, I can’t say enough about these needles.:thumbsup:

Very good to know!!!

I was just whining about how I can’t just run out to KP and get what I want (they’re located about 20 mins north of me). But if shipping is that fast, I suppose I should stop my darn whining ;o)

I think that might be the quickest I’ve ever seen, but they aren’t always that fast. It’s worth it though IMO. Just order and then stalk the website and the mailman. :teehee:

Hey there Evan! Yes, that Vancouver KP address got me excited, too! When I was talking to a KP rep on the phone, I asked her if I could run down (from Seattle area) and walk on into the store and buy stuff!

The short answer: No.
There isn’t any inventory there, it is just a ‘headquarters’ customer service location. All inventory is held at another way-far-away location! Ohio I think.