Got my KP color cards today!


I was a good girl and only ordered yarn for a Christmas present…but I did get color cards for several of the new yarns and they are GORGEOUS!!

Also got the new catalog in the mail today…Rebecca, did you see that you can get a set of all 30 Palette colors for $45? :mrgreen:

Well…I’ll probably be doing just that!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I do so want to get them and play around with color with my socks…although, I can’t really justify getting all of them considering I just got 28 balls of sock yarn from KP right before any of the new sock yarn came out…but that sounds like such a good plan!! I bet I will get all of them anyway!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
which yarns did u get color cards for?!
And…what yarn did ya get?!

Okay, I’m nervous…Julie, you got your catalog today?! I haven’t gotten mine yet…did they put my socks in…I’m so nervous? :oops:! I feel kind of like this :shock: as I’m pacing to check out the catalog. So…this is a catalog exclusive about the palette line? I need to go look at the site.
And…what if I don’t get my catalog today…you are the 2nd person that I’ve heard that has received her catalog…I’ll just be nervous!! You would think I was waiting for the arrival of a child!! I suppose :rollseyes: that I am acting a tad silly…but I CAN’T HELP IT!!

okay seriously…i have to know…what do you do with all these socks you knit? i love funky colored socks for wearing around the house in the winter but ya know i never remember to wear them (cold toooootsies!!) so i hafta know if you are wearing all these socks!!

Actually, I’ve not knitted a huge # of socks as of yet…I mean that have turned out the way that I liked them. But, I’ve given some away and #1 I love socks, unusual socks and #2 knitting socks is an absolute addiction!! #3…I just wear birkenstocks, all seasons and yes, I wear socks with my birks…I only wear birk so that leaves lots of need for socks…lol! fyi: love birks, but I wear them exclusively bc they help my hip a bunch.

And, OMGoodness…I have plans for several different Christmas socks, I always buy several pair…now I will knit them! And, of course…I will knit them for my :inlove: husband; and a few lucky relatives!

It occurred to me :doh: that this great deal is for 1 skein each of these colors of palette…which is still a good deal, but as I was looking thru I already have a plan to get a few balls here and there for socks like these and several that I have at home that will need solid colors!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I’m so excited :smiley:

I didn’t buy any of the new yarns YET pats self on back

but I got color cards for Ambrosia/Panache, Suri Dream, and Sierra/Andean Treasure. For pure yumminess, Panache is my fave. Sierra is more affordable, though, and therefore will probably be the first one I buy a bunch of…

your sock addiction just cracks me up. i think you should knit the tiptoe socks for your husband too! :wink:

OMGoodness…all big, masculine 6’3" of him would just be too cute :roflhard: :roflhard:

:heart: Thanks Julie!! :smiley:

Yay, I can’t wait to order their color cards too, I’ve been waiting for them to come out!! :happydance:

ooooooooh i got my cards today. i am luvin’ up on the colors i am seeing. i will have to look later (when i am not pretending to work!) at the colors on my computer to see how close they match. so far i would say that the Andean treasure may look different on line. it is definitely more heathery than anything i remember noticing.

and the red and the tomato in WOTA are almost indistinguishable in difference…one is sssssssslightly brighter (tomato) but only slightly so. will have to look at them in natural light to see.

I ordered ALL of the color cards on Sunday. Except for Shine, which I already had. They should be here on Wednesday (yes i need expedited shipping on color cards, too!). THAT way, when the knitpicks ad goes up on KH, I know EXACTLY what to order! :happydance: