Got my knit2purl2 order!

Mmmm… Must be Malabrigo Saturday. I just finished reading the other threads about it.
Surprise, surprise! I got my order from Jody at knit2purl2 today. When I got my shipping notification yesterday I realized she’s in Delaware and I’m in southeastern Pennsylvania so I was hoping it would arrive quickly but I never expected to get it today!! :woohoo:

I got three skeins of Tofutsies, a skein of Reynolds Swizzle sock yarn, 2 skeins of Reynolds Soft Sea Wool and a single skein of Malabrigo (Paris Night).:woot:

It’s my first Malabrigo and I was kicking myself for not ordering 2 skeins. Actually I was kicking myself for not ordering 10!! I would have liked to order more of everything but the budget was a bit tight this week.
So, I hope a single skein will do for a scarf, I guess I’ll have to check yardage.
I noticed ArtLady is doing the Irish Hiking Scarf. I may as well. :think: I loved Silver’s reversable cable she just posted but the yardage is more than I have:shrug:

Oh well, it was so much fun to get my package!! Now, I’ve got to finish my sock so I can cast on the Mmmmmalabrigo!! So soft, I can’t wait to see how it knits.

Cool! Where-How do you order that yarn? How much does each skein cost? What kind of material is it? Sorry about all the questions!

I ordered it online Thursday after another KH’er posted about a big sale at that patricular website.
Apparently the owner is going out of business and she had some really good buys. All the yarn was 50% off.

I don’t think she’s taking anymore orders currently until she catches up with all the activity she had on Thursday and Friday.

But it wouldn’t hurt to check her website.

I got Tofutsies sock yarn ($8) which is superwash wool, soysilk fibers, cotton and chitin (chitin is fiber made from shrimp and crab shells.)

The Swizzle was I think $5 and 75% merino superwash and 25% nylon. The Soft Sea Wool ($3) is 100% wool.

And the Malabrigo was only $6 and kettle dyed merino wool. Very soft!!

Thanks I’ll ask my parents if I can buy some!