Got my harmony needles

haven’t used them yet, but they are NOT the psychedelic bright colors some of you might be expecting. so if you hesitated to get them b/c you don’t like bright colors, rest assured, they’re not going to put your eyes out. :wink:

i’d take a pic, but i have terrible lighting.

anyone else have theirs yet? wanna take pics?

i’m going to switch my wisp over to these needles tomorrow in the hopes that they will grip the yarn better than regular options.


Hi there! :waving: Thank you for giving us some input about the Rainbow Swirl Harmonys, as I affectionately call them! :thumbsup:

I am going to order one set of tips TONIGHT. Gotta see what y’all are talkin’ about!

I was especially attracted to words like “smooth as glass”. :cheering:

I agree that it’s nice to hear that they aren’t heartbreakingly bright. I will order one tip-size, though those and the other options I’ll order will probably take forever to arrive. Since I live in Sweden and my SO, who is living and working in India at the moment, is getting them through one of his friends in the US.

I have a complete set of KP Options. I have yet to find a pair of wooded circulars (let alone inter-changeable) that stitches won’t bunch up at the joins. And believe me, I’ve tried every pair on the market; only to be disappointed and returning them. BTW: I’m not a tight knitter either.

I’m not keen on the rainbow colors; wished it came “all natural”. In fear of perhaps getting my Metal Options taken away on my next flight. BTW which as yet to happen. Perhaps I will purchase a pair or two of my most used gauge to give them a knit.

Elsie W

I got the three sets of tips I ordered today, and I’ve been knitting the Modern Quilt Wrap using them. So far, there’s been zero problems. I’ve had no stitches get hung up on the joins; they’re very slick, but do still have some drag; the colors are more subdued than they appear; and, really, my hands cover all but the tips of the needles while I knit anyway, so even if the colors were that bright, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

I see more of these in my future!

I am very happy for you all, but I am a bit bummed.:pout: If I had known that knitpicks was also adding the bamboo to their sock kit collection, I would have waited before getting the whole set of metal sock needles. NOT that I don’t love them, I do, have used them on a bunch of socks so far. But I really do prefer wooden/bamboo for socks, just because of the size of the yarn. Also, the metal sock set fits nicely into the options case (with some creativity) while it doesn’t seem like the new wooden sets do. I wish they would have made it so you could add to your current case

I got my DPN set, and I have to say that KP has outdone themselves. These are better than my Lantern Moon DPN’s. I put some pressure on the size 1’s, and I barely got any bend out of them. This hamfisted/snaps-needles-in-half-on-a-regular-basis knitter is VERY happy!

Oh, and the colors are very subdued. All mine are a dark purple, a dark green, and a nice mapley brown. Gorgeous! They are nice and slick, but not so slick that they just come out of your socks at random. (That is the problem I had with the nickel dpn’s.)

Oh, I am so jealous! Mine are sitting in the sortation center in Sacramento, not due to be delivered until Wednesday! It’s driving me crazy having to wait! I was bad and ordered the set of Harmony interchangeables, even though I already have the complete set of the nickel plated. I also ordered two sets each of the 16" 0’s, 1’s and 2’s for knitting socks. I can’t wait to see them and try them out. They sound great and I love the colors. I hope they are as pretty as I think they’ll be.


Ok…it is definitely time for me to gather up my project list, sort through my KnitPick shopping basket, and order these!!!

The Harmony sock set does fit in the Options case. I folded the sock set in half (very easy) and put it in the side pocket. I also put the Harmony tips in the slots withthe corresponding Options tips and the fixed circulars with the corresponding OPtions circulars. I have all the OPtions and Harmonies in the same case.

The Harmony sock DPNs are much lighter than the OPtions sock DPNs.