Got my Boye interchangeables. YAY! But now what?

Got my Boye kit in the mail yesterday (Boye, that was fast delivery.) 8) Thanks again to all you that responded to my earlier post.

But now I have another question, and i’m rather embarrassed to ask but must. :oops:

Little background 1st.

I’m knitting my 1st ever scarf, it’s teaching me knit, purl, k2, p2 and i’m almost done (Maybe Today?) and i’ts got alot of mistakes so I thought I 'd just make another one for more practice.

But can I use the circular kneedles???

I was surprised at their size, I didn’t know they were so short. I’m using size 8 needles for the scarf now but they’re the long kind. Do I need to stick with them?

I thought when i got the kit I’d be able to knit anything.

Can I???

I’m staring at these little intimidating things through their plastic box now afraid to even open them.

My beginners nerves are showing :oops:

Thanks again,


Calm those beginner’s nerves Kelly, you can knit anything on circulars that you knit on straights. Actually that is one of the selling points of circ needles, you can ultimately save money on needles, if you choose.

Don’t worry about the short length of the actual needle. That’s just the part where the actual knitting takes place. The cable will hold the stitches as you add them.

Enjoy your brand spankin’ new needles and HAPPY KNITTING!!! :smiley:

Kelly, you can knit anything with them. Attach your cable and join the two short needles and just turn your work around if you are knitting flat. So you’d knit across, put the needle from hand into the other - so you are turning your work and you’d have wrong side facing and then you purl - or whatever pattern you’re doing.

OR if you don’t like that - attach a cable to each short needle and attach a button on the end - it works just like straight needles.

Hope that helps.


Whew! Thanks you guys!

I’ll be letting them out of their box by tomorrow… :smiley:

T’s Again!