Got KP Options Quick

:cheering: I ordered my KP Options needle set plus another item, and I received them yesterday, Dec. 6! I am thrilled with their quality. The case is sooo very nice, even my husband said he’d like one for some of his study items (he’s a minister).

They came so much faster than I even dreamed. I had a doctor’s appt. and they were on my front porch when we got back. Just made my day. I also got a Pattern Works catalog and just salivated over their yarns, etc!

:woot: :cheering: Thats great!!! I glad you got them so quickly!! :cheering: :woot: I’ve never had to wait too long but others have complained about their wait. You’re going to love them. And if there is any problem KP’s customer service is incredible. Happy Knitting!!!

Nadja xxx

:cheering: :cheering: welcome to the options club! =D

Options ROCK. I used to swear by Addi-Turbos, but I have converted.

In my experience, the second order seems to take longer than the first because you already know how awesome they are! :teehee:

:cheering: :cheering: Horayyyy!!! You’re going to LOVE them!

yay!! :cheering: let me know how much you love them, i am thinking about a set, someday, if i can talk dh into letting me use any christmas money we get on them, we will see!!

love the avatar btw!!!

I just got christmas money from my grandparents and I’m thinking a KP order is a must. Any suggestions on which yarn to use for this: ?

I don’t want silk, but I need something that doesn’t give much…

Eloewien, I know you live in Blacksburg, or as my hubby calls it, Bburg. My hubby is from Pulaski (or Puvillle)lol. He used to work in Bburg and also Christiansbrug (Cburg). We live further south in Marion, a small town. So, we’re practically neighbors! My inlaws live in Pulaski, Dublin and Fairlawn.

Nice knowing people sorta close by are on the board too! :happydance: :happydance:

My husband has ordered a set of these needles for me for Christmas. They’ll get here this coming week and I’m excited about getting them. I prefer knitting on cables and can’t see anything but good in my forecast to come.

I know, the Options are the best needles out there, right there with Addi Turbos. I really love my set.

I just ordered mine last night! YAH! I can’t wait to get them-I even paid extra to have them sent in 3 days :teehee: I am too excited!

I hope everyone chimes in about how they like them!

I like them quite a bit, smooth as glass, Got miine fer christmas, and my DW got me the new Knitting Calendar, So I’ll have little excuse for not doing any knitting next year.