Got circs for .99

Went to Dressew (a Vancouver store) prowling for yarn/???. Found Prym circs for zomg .99! Turns out they originally cost $5.59 and are some manner of coated metal. Nice joints, too. WOW!

Yes, I’m getting my Options, soon but .99!!!1

Hope they work for you! I bought a cheap pair when I first started and wanted circs… the cord drove me mad. Soon after that I got my Options. :teehee:

Overly curled circs can be straightened by dunking the cords in very hot water for a couple minutes though. Then hold them out straight as they cool.

I was in Vancouver about a year ago and discovered Dressew the second day I was there (My husband was in meetings and I was walking the streets, looking for yarn and fabric and buttons and cool stuff) I went back to that store almost every day, it is HUGE !!! I bought yarn and fabric and the coolest purse hardware and trim and amazing buttons and, and, and … all for such amazing prices … like .99 for purse handles. I STILL talk about that store anytime anyone will listen. How fun to hear someone else has had the amazing experience !!! What else did you buy ???

I bought some plastic circs that are clear and have…sparkles…in them LOL (my mom’s getting those for mom day / her birthday) and some Dritz tapestry needles (for binding off) for a measly .25! They have a GAZILLION knitting pattern books for like $2-3. My friend bought a couple of those.

The cord is annoying even on my Unique circs I got a zellers, but I managed to knit a shawl with them, anyway.

The options cable doesn’t go gimpy while you are knitting?

The options cords are a soft flexible plastic that don’t kink or curl up.

Yay! So even while you knit with them, they don’t twist up?



I still found them too stiff, but I’m sure that some of it is personal preference. :wink:


It doesn’t matter you’ve got OPTIONS waiting! :yay: Go ahead and play with the new one, it may be much better than the one I had. :thumbsup:

K…Wednesday of next week my BF is bringing them with him. For .99 needles, the ones I’m knitting with right now kick butt!!11

where can I find Options?

Online at Just click the link in the ad at the top of this page and go to their needles link.

ok, so semi local here, where is that store? It sounds like a place I would like to visit!

337 Hastings Street West. Kinda downtown, several buses go by there.

Hookedonknitting … give yourself PLENTY of time !!!

I do the same thing only I hold them in front of the steam on a boiling kettle.

My mom wanted to take a hair dryer to it! I was like no, maybe it’ll melt!

The Options better be amazing, been waiting a long time to get my greedy mitts on them. (had them sent to my BFs house in Denver to save on shipping, then wait for him to come visit me to get them.)