Got carried away with 'baby blanket'

Now it’s going to be the parents’ afghan, need to restart my Grandson’s 'blue blankey". I made one for each of his two sisters, and he is anxiously awaiting his.

Unfortunately, I put too many stitches on the needle…no wonder it’s taking so long! What was I thinking (guess I wasn’t…)

Woodi, that looks great! I like the texture of the yarn between the color changes. I always love your blankets - they’re a lot of fun. I’m sure you’re parents will love it.

i did that with my first blanket… still on the needles (5 yrs later… only about a foot done!)

looks great tho!!

Thanks, gals. I’m off to search for some bulky yarn today, so I can quickly knit up a giant dishcloth afghan for my grandson. He’s feeling left out, cuz his sisters have theirs already.

I mustn’t put the larger one away, else I’ll never get back to it. It will make a good cozy fall project for our Friday morning knitting group.

It looks great so far! I love those colors!

I’m back from shopping (and dentist - ouch). This is what I bought to begin a new blankey for my 6-year old grandson, will begin it tonight:

5 ounces each ball. They only had 3 of these or I’d have bought more.

but they also had 3 of this color, so I bought it too:

I hope the two go well together. I will make wide stripes, can’t wait to begin.

Do you think 30 ounces will be enough? or overkill…??? Perhaps there will be enough for 2 blankeys… (these days, I’m a blanket-knitting fool)

Now: what pattern? All stockinette? all garter stitch? Make it like a giant square dishcloth? It needs to knit up quickly.

I have a bunch of that natural colored tweed yarn myself. I love it. Your yarns look like they will make interesting color blocks for a boy.

On the big one—I’m with you, if I put that away it would never see the light of day. Good resolve to hang in there and finish it.

Wow! Your perseverance is inspiring! Go Woodi, Go!

Thanks gals. I started with the new yarn last night, and am disappointed in how rough it feels. I hadn’t really figured the soft/hard factor. Don’t boys like soft things too? Poor Tyler…Perhaps I can make at least one top edge softer, with some other yarn (for the end that goes close to his face)…?

Great idea finishing the original for the parents.

The new yarn colours are great. If you’re worried about the roughness, maybe a border in softer yarn would help?

I like the colors of your yarn you chose! I’ve heard that the RH will really soften up once you wash it - it’s the sizing they use that makes it so rough.

I’m working on an afghan right now that called for 28 oz of Red Heart; it’s supposed to measure 43 by 60 inches. You hold two strands together throughout, and use size 15 needles. I’m using size 13, and my width is at 42 or 43 inches, but I question whether it’s going to be as long as it’s supposed to be, probably because my needles are smaller than the pattern said.

Anyway, all that to say that your 30 oz should be enough to make a good sized kid-blankey. :cool:

Be sure to post pics - I’d love to see the colors together.

Try washing it when it is finished and put some fabric conditioner in the final rinse water, it may just soften it up enough.

MMMMMMMMM on second thoughts children always have their blankies up near their faces and noses, so perhaps the chemicals in fabric softeners are not the best idea for such close contact.

Gr8 jobs …the color matching is nice n lovely

Good idea, gottaknit (and others)…a soft border may help.

Here’s what I swatch-tested last night:

from L to R:
both yarns held tog, garter stitch
garter stitch multi-colored yarn
garter blue only
garter multi again
stockinette multi

Then blue only in stockinette

AND: blue alone; and both held tog.

Now I’ve confused myself, not sure what I want to do…preferences?

Holding both together will make the blankey go faster, but it will be thicker and more rigid. I’m using size 9mm in these pics.

I like the look of the multi one in stockinette - it looks really pretty! The blue one looks nice in either stockinette or garter. Maybe you could use stripes of multi stockinette and blue garter? Then you’d add some texture to it, too. If you did the diagonal baby blanket and then had diagonal stripes that would be very cool, too!

I got 17 inches knitted now, and it’s 46 inches wide. I keep changing the stripes…one is all garter stitch, so it stands out; the next is stockinette stitch, think I’ll stay with this, or maybe make a few more ‘bumps’ just for texture.

Here it is closer. I do believe my knitting is getting smoother, improving. Hallelujah! I really love to knit.
I can’t remember what size I made for the girls! Wish I had kept notes.

Looks great!

Beatiful!!! Love how it’s turning out!

Woodi they will go fantastically together. I get carried away with my knitting. I keep forgetting adding sts with my sweater:teehee:

I love it, Woodi! It looks great so far. I’m sure your grandson will love it too.