Got a simple pattern for knitting mittens?

I’d like to try and learn how to knit mittens in the round. Does anyone have an easy pattern? Or a book you could recommend?


Since you’re looking for a pattern I moved this post to the pattern forum. The How-to Questions forum is for questions once you have a pattern. :thumbsup:

Is this not the pattern forum? I, too would like an easy pattern for mittens.

Yes, this is the pattern fourm, but Knitcindy originally put her post in the ‘how to’ forum so Jan just moved it over here. I doubt it’s that big a deal which forum it’s in, but it’s likely to get more notice over here.

Here are some simple patterns:

and some sites to look for more:

Thank you for the patterns and sites. I am anxious to start some mittens for my dgb’s. They live in Maine- lots and lots of snow.