Got a New 7' Tri-Loom!

Any one else have 1? I love it after I finally figured it out. I had to get on the internet to get more instructions as what came with it didnt help much. Got it put together and started with Pink camo yarn and its turning out so so for a first try. Will post pictures when I get it finished. I hope there are others on here that have 1 too.
Also it sure made me know I had muscles where you forgot that you had. Kinda like when I got my first yarn spindle. :rofl:

I’d never even heard of one before! Interesting!

Me either but its a hand loom and I got it off Ebay and its really not that hard to do. The hardest part was finding more directions and then trying it. I kow its going to take practice but what doesn’t? You can check them out on ebay or google them to see what they are all about.

Intriguing. I look forward to photos of your work. Yet another yarn art I want to learn. :slight_smile:

Well I know if I decide to have a Square 1 I am going to build it myself. I do know that the info from helped more and he does have other info there. Hope the link works. Yes they are different and hopefully I have time today to finish my first shaql.