Got a minute to help me with socks?

I have never made socks and I found this pattern on Lion Brand.

I’m at the part where it says :

K 8, skp; turn.

So I have 12 stitches on my needle and it’s telling me to K8, skp;turn. But doing that doesn’t get all 12 stitches off my needle. Am I stopping and leaving 2 stitches on my needle, then turning?

I hope this makes sense. Sorry I’m confused!

you are doing what is called short rows, i believe. just trust the pattern, even though there are stitches left on the needle. by the time you get done, you will have a beautiful heel coming off your needles. keep going. you can do it.

thanks soo much!!!

The hardest thing for me on socks was learning to “trust the pattern.” It seems really weird at first, but it’s a fun challenge. If you know you’ve done everything correctly so far, just do what the pattern says and you’ll end up with a beautiful sock heel in no time.:thumbsup: Good luck!!! :smiley: