Got a hole in my knitting but not sure how

I attach a picture (which might not be much good as I had to cut it really small so it would be the size that would upload) and would be so grateful if anyone can tell me what I have done and how to correct it.

I am still new knitter and have no one nearby to ask. I am doing a nativity pattern (Sidar nativity pattern, alan dart) on 3.75 mm needles.

The last two rows I did were cast three sts off at the beginning of each before either knitting on the right side or purling on the back side.

If any more details are needed please let me know this is the first time I have posted.

Thanks to anyone in advance who offers any suggestions


It looks like you put down your knitting and then picked it up and started working back on the same row. You can unknit back to that spot, and when you get there, it’ll be obvious.

I tried going back two rows as mum seemed to think down the phone that I might have dropped a stitch and picked it back up again, but when I redid it I ended up with the same problem.

I wish was obvious, but like I said I really am new to this and just getting the hang off how things should look, it took me ages knitting back as I had to pick up the stitches I had cast off (something I havent done before) and then I seem to make the same mistake again very frustrating.

Are you saying I have changed direction of my knitting or something? I am a bit confused. (thanks for answering)

Yes, it could be when you picked it up again in the middle of a row, you switched directions. That was my first thought too.

Okay then, so how do I fix it? because I did try and still have the hole so I have done the same thing wrong again. What am I looking for when I unknit?

That may not be it then, if it’s in the same place and you’ve taken out and reknit it past that. But it sure does look like it. Maybe rip back further?

To me, it looks like that is the last cast off stitch is pulling a bit. If that is the last bind-off stitch on the far right of the pic, maybe bind off more loosely, so it won’t pull.

Oh, I didn’t notice that’s the st from the castoff. It looks like you reknit it? Take the st off the needle, pull gently so it pops out and you should still have a loop on the needle, then knit across the row.

Thank you everyone for all your kind help but to be honest I am completely confused.

I will have to try and find someone in person to show me I think. Thanks again though, once I am a bit more knowledgeable I might return to the forums