Got a gift card from Jo-anns

$40.00, from my MIL plus she sent a buncha coupons. What the heck should I buy? What would YOU buy?

Hmmm… they do have some knitting stuff and yarn. They do have some yarn that’s nicer. There’s also buttons, stitch markers, etc.

Depending on the % of the coupons or if they’re on sale or not…I’d check out the OT lights if you’ve even thought about wanting one. With gifts, I like to splurge and treat myself with something I might not splurge on…but, seem to keep looking at;)…and I keep finding myself in that aisle and no idea how I got there:??

Oh that’s a good idea! I have cheapy “Ott” light I got from Home Depot and it’s awesome for knitting at night especially dark colors.

I love the idea of an Ott light, but my first thought was fabric and patterns. Then again, my fabric stash is about as big as my yarn stash, and both really should be pared down…

If you don’t already have them, a swift and ball-winder! They carry both online and if you use a coupon, it’s a pretty good deal.

I have a winder from KP, however, I guess I needed to buy the $$$$ swift to use with it. ARgh.

I have a 1 item 40% and a 50% off 1 item coupon, but they can’t be sale items and I can’t use them at the same time. I’d do it online but I resent paying shipping, the shipping they charge is too high IMO.

I would recommend buying some Patons Classic Wool Merino, normally around 7.00 a 100 g skein, and it is on sale this week at 4.99. They also have Patons Kroy Socks - I recommend three skeins for a pair of socks. Two is just enough for women’s. Both high quality yarns they sell. I was just at Joann’s yesterday with my coupons and got two skeins of Kroy Socks, one Caron one Pound for rugs, a Pound of Love on sale to knit more slippers for the shelter here, and two skeins of Lion Brand Amazing for hats.
If you don’t want those coupons I’ll take them! If you are near a Joann’s sign up for their flyer - you get a 40% off coupon with each one and sometimes several coupons like this week’s. They are having sales continuously.:knitting:

I would RUSH right over and buy all the Debbie Macomber pattern books I could get!! The ones that go along with her knitting books - “The Shop on Blossom Street”; “A Good Yarn”; “Twenty Wishes”; etc…

Then again, that’s just me! I’ve wanted those for a long time.


[I][SIZE=“4”]According to me!! Depending on the 1% of the coupons or If, They’re on sale or not…I had check out the OT lights. If, you’ve even thought about wanting one. With gifts, I like to splurge and treat myself with something.[/SIZE][/I]

I think my MIL meant for me to buy yarn for the kidlet but IIRC I bought craploads of that type of yarn from a shop in Vancouver before I moved. I have run out of bin space for yarn, too, dangit. Plus, my knitting has fallen waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy off.

Well you can hang on to the GC till you see something you want. Sign up for the ads and they’ll mail them to you.

You might look at storage boxes for your yarn, that’ll use a little. And yeah, sign up online for coupons going on now, if you sign up for the mailer it may take a couple weeks. I was signed up when I lived in MI but don’t recall signing up at the store in Loveland, but I started getting them. Maybe they tracked me down.

Well, I think the best thing to do would be to look at patterns on the internet. Check em out…look at pictures of different yarn, and see what you like. Are you a new knitter? Get some new needles (A variety of sizes [I]always helps[/I]!) and some yarn! If an experienced knitter, I would get some newer gadgets out there like new needles, or things like that! I would always stock up on new yarn in case anything comes along which could use a gift :). Hope I helped you~ Megan