Gosh, I am having a "Brain Fart"

Hi again, please tell me I Am not going mental!!! When you do rib st on “straights” do you knit the knits and purl the purls??? I am sooo used to circs (I think that’s why) that my k 3 p1( on straights) ribbing isn’t coming out right…Does circs make a difference when you do ribbing:biting: Yikes!! Cheley

It doesn’t matter whether it’s circs or not, it’s ALWAYS knit the knits and purl the purls as they are facing you. So when you turn your work you knit them as you see them.

So is it safe to “assume” that when you don’t turn your work (in circular) you are always seeing the knits and purls as they are…as opposed to switching hands…right? cause then you see k as p’s and p’s as k’s…Right? Thanks

Correct. :thumbsup:

You knit or purl the stitches as they face you, not what you did on the previous row anyway. So it’s the same whether flat or in the round.

Gotcha, does that only apply to “rib” st? Here’s the dilemma: I just finished 5 hats “in the round”(starting with K3 P1 rib) no problem, cast on did the rib and continued on.Now I started the same hat pat on straights, the rib came out “wonky” that’s why I asked if there is a difference between circ and straight…I thought “in the round” there is no RS and WS? Thanks Cheley

Well technically the side you want to show is the RS or public side. The WS is the side no one would see. When you’re doing ribbing though it’s still knit the knits and purl the purls regardless of whether you are in the round or knitting flat. I’m not sure why it looks wonky. :shrug:

It may not be coming out right depending on how many stitches you have on your circs; because if it’s divisible (dividable) by 4 (k3 p1 3+1=4) then it may be turning out funky.

you are not going mental :roflhard: always knit the knits and purl the purls so it doesn’t end up seed stitch

Very good point!!! Found that out the hard way…but I am using enough sts to accommodate that math:hug:

Yep, that’s exactly what I got…SEED STITCH!!! Like I posted , I had no problem “in the round” with ribbing…they “popped out” very nicely…I’ts when I used the straights…:hug:

How’s this…here’s a ribbing sample so you can see what the stitches look like. You won’t get seed stitch if you are knitting the knits and purling the purls as we said before.

Thanks Jan:muah: Cheley

if that’s a brain fart, i have some serious gaseous issues. :roflhard:
maybe it would help if i actually knit every day. KH to the rescue, right? :thumbsup: