Gorgeous Skirt

Being a fuller figured gal, I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of a knitted skirt, but this one is so pretty. I’ve GOT to make one.

Please post a pic after you finish! :slight_smile:

That is georgeous!!! I too, would like to see a posted pic when you are done.:knitting:

Prior to hopping on here and seeing your post I’d JUST bookmarked this pattern. I, too, think it is so pretty.

That is SO pretty! I’m going to have to add that to my queue as well. I really like the “Intolerable Cruelty” skirt pattern from Knitty (don’t remember which issue), too, but I have to lose a few pounds before I can even attempt to pull that one off!

That is pretty! I just bookmarked it too…lol…

Pretty! I might consider wearing that! I don’t know if I have what it takes to knit it, but I might just try!!

I received that pattern from Knitty in my email today. I was thinking about making it also.

that is GORGEOUS!! please post a pic after you finish! :heart:
have LOADS of fun knitting it up! :knitting:

I’m trying to thing of what yarn I want to use. I have some plymouth encore in a heathered purple color, and I was thinking of using that. I could also get some Caron SS in this brick red color that I admired last time I was at Walmart.
Anyway, I have to finish a sweater that I started for my DH, so I still have a little time to decide. Hopefully I won’t chicken out of it by then.:teehee: I don’t make a lot of stuff for myself, because I get depressed thinking it wont fit.

That’s one of the prettiest skirt patterns I’ve seen–would love to try it!


Very nice and I love the colour they have kniited it in…very flattering x

I have also been looking at skirt patterns. I really like this one. I checked on the yarn used in the pattern, Artfibers Zoe … it is 75% nylon and 25% viscose … It would also cost over $100.00 to make … Berroco makes a yarn called Comfort that uses the same size needle … I didn’t think to check the gauge. It is 50% nylon and 50% acrylic. It doesn’t come in the pretty tweedey colors that the Zoe comes in, just solids. Do you think it would have the same drape? Has anyone used either of these yarns? The Berroco would only cost about $40.00 …