Gorgeous Knitted Spiral Counterpane Blanket

I am in love!

Is this gorgeous or what?

I can’t start it till probably April. And as slow as I knit it may be years before I finish it. But I wake up thinking about this blanket everyday.

OMGosh! Now I’m in :heart: too!!! I’ve been searching for a blanket to do for our bed that would be pretty enough to use instead of a quilt during the warm months. This may well be it!!!


So beautiful…

What a way to start the day. If she ever does write up that pattern be sure to let us know. :heart:

I can’t find her email address, because I would love to write to her and ask what she had a problem with exactly. I think its because each line is written for each needle on the dpns. If that makes sense. I would like to make one just to see if I can do it.

KnitAddict! Isn’t it great? I can’t decide between white or cream, or heck maybe even tan. Navy would be gorgeous too! Do you have any ideas about what yarn you would use if you decided to do it?

I just loved this…I wish I could get my hands on the pattern. It is absolutely beautiful!

So pretty…I might never leave my bed if I had that blanket.

I have no clue what yarn. I spent the better part of an hour this morning trying to find a copy of the book to no avail. :frowning: All I know is that it would be either white, light blue, pale purple or a variagated blue/white.

My county’s library has the book! Now if I only knew where my library card was!

I got mine off a zshop at Amazon. I paid under twenty, and its in pretty good shape.

“light blue, pale purple or a variagated blue/white.” All of those would be gorgeos.

I just brought a copy of the book. It’s a used library book benefiting the library thru Amazon. Hope I can figure it out.

I’ll have to check that out. :slight_smile: I’m so excited about this blanket. :cheering:

I saw this thread last week and fell in love! I went onto Amazon and bought the book, including express shipping it was $25.00. the book is in great condition, and I got it yesterday!

I can’t wait to get started on the patterns in this book!!! There are some beautiful patterns.

DAMN IT, ever since I found this wesite my to do list is getting longer, and my house is getting messier!!! Shoot, shoot, shoot, I have no self control. My extra bedroom is full of yarn, the new bookshlef I had to buy to accomidate all of the knitting books I have is full, I have 6 projects in the works (all different yarns and colors) so when I need a break I just move onto another one. And now with this book I have about 15 new things added to my to do list.


Yeah, I got my book altho it’s in really bad shape. It was $15.00. It is usable and at least I can take out the section I want to use since the section for this spiral shape is not connected. Any yarn suggestions? I’m interested in using cotton. I think I might try one pane just to see if it’s doable with something here at the house before I purchase any more yarn. Anyone interested in a KAL?

Me, when I get a copy!

mshelton, if you take the book to Kinko’s they can put a nice spiral binding on it. :slight_smile:

My library has one copy, but I am going to check out MO library system and see if they have any over there.

I would love to do this… my library doesn’t have a copy or the other ones close by… and :wall: :wall: amazon won’t let me in right now…

Dustina, Have you tried an interlibrary loan?

Why didnt I think of that?

Im not sure what I will use. I still cant decide what color! I know I dont have enough of anything in stash to make it out of, so looks like I gotta go shopping. :slight_smile:

The sample of the swirl on page 39 were knitted with size 3 cotton on size 1 needles. I don’t have either so I will have to go shopping also. Is that embroidery thread? Hey Pixywhisper-- Do you want to start a KAL in the Knit along section of this forum? Thank you for sharing this find with us.

Oh yeah, thanks YarnMommy! I just looked and it seems to be enough edge to have it bounded with a spiral. I think I have a friend who can do this so one way or the other—I have it repaired.