Google's New KNITTING Search Engine :o)

I just added this to my iGoogle. Looks good! Just go to the Google Knitting Search Engine page and choose the “add to Google” button. You can also from your iGoogle home page click on “add stuff” or click here to see what else iGoogle has for “knitting pattern”. It’s #5 down from the top.

That’s really cool! Thanks for sharing! I searched on “socks” and Sliver’s class came up in the results :slight_smile:

I LOVE google.

That’s really cool! I have KPC on my google search in FF, but having a general one is great!

Glad y’all like it!

That’s great, I added it! Thanks so much for posting!

that is so cool! thank you! :woohoo:

That’s so cool, thanks!

I’m so glad everyone liked this. I found it by chance on Google. Boy I really raked up the “thanks” on this one!
You’re all very welcome…and very sweet!


Just saw your post, thanks for the info.

Thanks Arielluria. I added it to my Google too.:cheering:

Thanks again! I’m using it all the time now, it’s so cool!

big hugs! Especially for a newbie like me thats a classic find!! Thank you! Should be a sticky!!! So the other new kids on the block can also get some extra help :slight_smile: