Google Reader

Where I have I been? I just discovered Google Reader yesterday and realized how fantastic it is. I’ve just had the millions of blogs I read bookmarked and randomly check them. I tried another RSS feed thing before and it was terrible. But this is fantastic. If you read blogs, you need Google Reader!

I didn’t actually start really reading blogs until I started hanging out with people on twitter. Suddenly my list of blogs I read jumped from about 3 to about 15 and counting. I tried google reader but it wasn’t really working for me. I went to Sharp Reader and so far it is working great in its absolute simplicity! It wasn’t that google reader wasn’t simple, it just didn’t seem to work for some of the blogs i had

However, I am with you. I am so excited that i have this thing now so I don’t have to keep trying to remember when i last checked someone’s blog! :happydance: Of course i fear this means i am going to be reading more and more blogs… i kept saying i would never do that! :wall:


What’s Google Reader? :??

Basically you plug in the web addresses of places you frequent. Then you can see at one glance when there is new activity on that blog (I only use it for blogs, but I guess you can use it for other web pages like news). So instead of going to umpteen million blogs to see if anyone posted, I can tell right away.

yup you will see a lot of sites (blogs, news, target even) that have something along the lines of this
[COLOR=#afb65b] content rss[/COLOR]

on their site and that way you know it is something that you can put in your reader. Some of mine said “atom” too.

The Crafty Nation blog has this


on theirs.

Just have to scan the blog looking for them and then add them to the reader. Not all have them. Dad Gone Mad doesn’t and it maketh me crazy! shakes fist

Oh cool! Thanks!

I love Google Reader. :heart:

Google Reader comes through the internet filters at work! So, even though I can’t see a real site, I can read the feed if I so chose. I have a tag called SFW (safe for work) which has feeds from news sites that I read on break. It sure beats going to 4 or 5 different pages.