Google Nexus 7 Tablet

We’ve had the [B]N7[/B] for two weeks now. It’s a very nice little tablet. We purchased it for my husband, the woodsman, whose fingers have never touched the keyboard of anything remotely resembling a PC or smartphone!

The N7 is incredibly easy to work with. Husband is learning fast! I had to clean up the homescreen which automatically had Magazines plastered all over it. I put a homescreen photo that I had emailed from myself to him. It was easy to whoosh the photos into his N7. I use the SkyDrive app from hotmail/windows/live when sending multiple photos.

I will say this: [B]get yourself both email addresses[/B]…the gmail addy, and a hotmail addy. When you want to send stuff to yourself…send to both email addys…and see which one will whoosh into your N7 the easiest. Neither one is best for everything…photos, pdfs, word docs, etc. By trial and error I’m finding out which email address works best for each type of thing I send to him/us. (he doesn’t participate in this aspect yet! He’s just learned how to visit Craig’s List and Ebay and Google to look at guy stuff like tools, tires, rims, pigeons and antiques! lol)

The N7 was soooo easy to set up! I thought setting up the wifi connection would be a PITA, but it wasn’t. After the N7 charged overnight, I turned the N7 on…and WOW…the prompt to connect to an available wifi was right there on the homescreen.

I don’t know if I’m in mad love with [B]Jelly Bean OS[/B]. My Droidx is running Gingerbread. Maybe Jelly Bean would run differently on a smartphone with hard keys that you can right click or left click…but I’m used to being able to do more with a device. So maybe Jelly Bean laid on top of a little tablet is my issue. It seems rather juvenile in a way. It’s terribly simplistic, to a fault, IMO.

Well no matter, I visited the Google Play market and downloaded a file manager. The N7 comes rather bare bones if you ask me. You also have to download a camera app in order to enable the N7 to take photos. The “how to” guide book that comes loaded into the N7 (in your Books) didn’t speak to this at all. So after an hour of tinkering…reading…tinkering…I had to go out onto the internet highway…google…to find out about the camera app! Bah.

I do not like the solo [B]front-facing camera.[/B] Bah! I wanted to take a photo of some knitting, send it to my Flickr…then upload it into a Rav project…well you can [B]forget that![/B] So for me the camera is useless.

The [B]N7[/B] [B]guide book[/B] (loaded in your N7) is also [U]shallow[/U] on explaining how your photos will get organized in the Gallery. You really have to tinker around and find out by yourself. The file manager I downloaded from Google Play is a godsend. I tried one (Astro), didn’t like it, uninstalled it. The file manager I like is [B]ES File Explorer File Manager by EStrongs, Inc.[/B]

If your interested in [B]Angry Birds Rio[/B]…well I gotta say…it sure works better on the 7” N7 screen than it does on my 4.3” Droidx screen! Our granddaughters were here for a few days and had a blast with games. The 7” is real nifty.

I also downloaded the[B] Firefox[/B] browser…so I have it in addition to the Chrome browser that is installed on the N7. I like Firefox for some things…and Chrome for others. For one thing, I am used to Firefox and it’s way of opening multiple sites, and bookmarking. I give my husband Chrome as his only option so he isn’t confused. He just learned how to look at the bookmarks we’ve saved for him. Chrome is automatically on the bottom of the homescreen.

[B]What are your impressions of the new Google Nexus 7?[/B]

I’ve never heard of that one. Good for him!

I’m glad my iPad has both camera front and back. It is nice. BTW, there is an app called Yarma that is set up for Ravelry. I don’t know if it’s only for Apple products, but it’s worth a look.

Eta: I searched and was able to find an app for android phones. It’s called Ravelry Photo Uploader. It supposed to work on tablets and android phones.

How do you like the yarma app? I just got an I-phone and have been looking for app’s.

I love it! It’s so easy to upload your pictures to Ravelry! :thumbsup: It sometimes took me forever because it was so many steps to get them there. Now I just put the project on the table, floor or wherever, snap the pic and choose your filter and upload!

Don’t forget Knitting Help has an app. It costs a bit more, but is worth it! You get to carry all KH’s videos with you!

Thanks Jan! It would be easier to upload directly from my phone. Its easy to get spoiled with a smart phone that works! My previous phone had some issues, so I am now getting used to the convenience of a phone that is more reliable. I will check out the KH app as well. It would be nice to have the videos available wherever I go.