Google Earth Santa Tracker

Just wanted to let you all know that your kids can track Santa with Google Earth. I know that NORAD does this but it looks like they hooked up with Google Earth this year. You can follow him from city to city, right now he is in a city in Russia. Its fun cause everytime he goes to a new city, GE follows him.

Google NORAD, then after the little into, scroll down to track Santa with Google Earth and have fun!

wow that is so much more sophisticated than when I was growing up! Every year on Christmas eve we would drive around and look at Christmas lights. The radio station that played Christmas music would always have an important news message that the radars at Langley Air Force base(about 20 min away) had spotted Santa’s sleigh coming our way. It was really cute. They always gave coordinates and a location about an hour away. But this is so much cooler!

This is an awesome site. I will pass it on!

Hey there[COLOR=Black] lelvsdgs, how is Humboldt County doing? I was born and raised in Arcata and left in '98. Its nice to see someone from my little corner of the map while I am in NJ! [/COLOR][U][/U]