Goofy thought

I was riding my bike this morning and daydreaming, and I was thinking of how cool it would be to knit across the US. I mean like go on a long road trip with the hubby (maybe after the kids are gone or much older and can knit themselves :twisted: ) and knit a southern project, a northeast project, ect. Oh, and get the yarn from the regions that you are knitting the garment for.

Go ahead and say it…I am an uberdork. :lol:

Certainly not! That would be such a cool idea! You could get a book out of it and all :slight_smile: And what’s more, you’d have all the time in the world to knit!

Or even make it a group of knitters … I can see it now …

[size=6][color=red]THE USA KNITTERS[/color][/size]*
*[color=red]COMING TO AN INTERSTATE[/color]
**[color=red]HIGHWAY NEAR YOU!![/color]

Hey, if someone can ride a hot-air balloon across the world, or ride a motorcycle across the world, or climb Mt. Everest, or run 50 mile races, or walk a “whatever’athon” for whatever charity cause, or make a “reality TV” show, THEN WE CAN DAMN WELL KNIT ACROSS THE COUNTRY TOO!!! :wink:

hhmmmm…maybe I could write a grant proposal on the “anthropoligical aspects of various regions of the United States” and and everone could get paid to do all that stuff. :lol: (Then I can maybe do a sequel in New Zealand. Be still my heart)

My sister-in-law says if anyone can figure out how to bike AND knit, it’ll be me. Ha. Anyway - YEAH BIKING. YEAH KNITTING. WHo has time to work???


You could definitely knit while biking if you were road biking on flat surface. (sadly, pulling 2 kids in a bike trailer isn’t condusive to no hands riding)

Next time we get orders, I’ll be joining you in your endeavor. We’ll probably be moving cross-country again…so that’ll be 3,000 miles!

There’s a book called Knitting across America. I think. It’s not a bike ride but it is interviews with knitters across the country. It is broken up by region. Hmm… let me go look it up in the library…

OK it’s Knitting IN America and edited by Melanie Falick (who is a knitting goddess by the way. It was published in 1996 by Artisian Press. Go to your library or independant bookseler and checkit out.

I was just in Mexico last week, and had the same thought – wouldn’t it be neat to purchase yarn from my vacation spot and make something unique to the area…Sadly, I never found anything remotely close to a LYS. Oh well, I just had another shot of tequila and forgot all about it!! :lol:

LOL Holly…on your next trip to Mexico, if you do find a LYS, make sure that you keep that trip and the tequila seperate!!!

It’s a GRAND idea! I travel with my job and always do a search to find LYS’s either in the city/town where I’ll be working or somewhere along my route when driving. I’ve met some totally awesome shopkeepers and knitters along the way. This actually works quite well for me as the closest LYS is 30 miles away and it’s not in a spot that I need to go there for any other reason. So I am never to far from a LYS when (which is often) I need/want more yarn, books, accessories. I’m totally fine with this arrangement! :lol:

If/when you undertake this endeavor you could do some research and find out about local knitting groups/guilds and perhaps sit and knit with them at one of their meetings.

Great idea YarnMommy! I bet you could come up with some neat project ideas, just being in those regions, for inspiration!

Jouf, love the idea of biking and knitting! LOL. Actually, if you were in the back of a tandem, it could really work out! Might make for slow, lazy biking though. Hard to imagine knitting and pushing yourself hard for a work out at the same time! But hey, I guess anything’s possible!

Speaking of which… has anyone ever tried working out at a gym and knitting? You could totally knit while on the treadmaster or stationary bike! Now THERE’S a thought!


I’ve knit on the stationary bike in the gym at my apt complex, but I kept going slower and slower. I guess I will have to just watch E! an work it. (I don’t have cable, so it is a treat to watch trash tv :lol: )