Goody price on cashmere/merino yarn

thanks…but tell me, do the color descriptions match up with the pix when anyone else looks? Kinda scares me!

i agree with Bethany…the pictures are crap! Makes me kinda nervous to order from them.

The site lacks a LOT of information, in my opinion. Doesn’t say where they’re based (that I can see) and it doesn’t use verisign or anything like that… I dunno. Caveat emptor?

I just wanted to share …Is your CHOICE whether you want to purchase from them or not.:wink:

Have you ordered from them, or do you know anyone who has. I agree the prices sound good.

I emailed them about their color swatches and they sent me the following links to the correct colors (go buy the number next to the swatch) They said thank you for alerting them to the problem and they plan to make correction on their site as soon as possible. Just thought I would share the information. If you put a color in your cart it tells you the item # it is the names that are off not the colors. I hope this helps.

The following links are for the wool colors